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Very Basic User

I have recently been playing around with writing VBA in a file. Got the file
working great thanks to the support of this forum, but recently when I opened
a file with no VBA, I got the following message just trying to open a regular
basic file.

Box is titled: Microsoft Visual Basic
Message: Class does no support automation or does not support expected
Options: "OK" or "Help"

Does anyone know what this is?




the information provided is really not enough to assess the issue,
can you try this?
1) close all excel file and open the file that has no VBA and see if this

2) restart your computer and see if this still exists?

3) if that does not fix the issue then open the file again, and this time
when you get the error message, hit CTRL+Break key, if for any reason any of
your macros/VBA is being triggered then this should break the execution of
the code and take you to the VBA code causing this error.

let me know the outcome?
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