Error! Not a valid embedded object


Flavio Souza

I have a trouble with Microsoft Outlook XP.
Some times files don't apperas in message., only appears the message "Error!
Not a valid embedded object". This occors only when Word is my default e-mail
editor in Outlook and rich text is the format of the messages. If I change
the format or clear the option to set the Word as e-mail editor, this problem
don't happen.

This problem was resolved temporary reinstalling Office or restarting PC.

I already do this tasks:
- Remove and reinstall Office
- Recreate the user profile in PC
- Remove Office, remove register keys and office folders, reinstalling
office after this
- Install Service Pack 3 of Office

I have Windows XP in PCs. I don't know what I can do, because this problem
occors with different uses and different PCs.

Anyone have another idea?

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