Excel 2007 dynamic chart range



The table below feeds a 3d Column Chart in Excel 2007.
It needs to be dynamic, so when figures for 4/6/2010, 4/7/2010, etc are
added the chart updates appropriately.

The “4/1/2010†is in cell c1.

There is a dynamic range in use, where c1.cc6 is named “dynRngSalesProg†…

… But the chart [series] turns that into a static range.

On 4/3/2010 the chart’s Select Data showed the following:

Even though what was driving the chart originally was:

I had to manually adjust the chart in Select Data for the series from $e$6
to $f$6.

Is there anything that can be done with this situation?

REGION 4/1/2010 4/2/2010 4/3/2010 4/5/2010
North 2,266 2,499
West 1,219 1,344
South 3,158 3,468
East 2,815 2,874 3,001 3,040
Canada 2,702 2,745 2,780 2,882


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