Excel 2007 freezes when copying formulas



User is on a laptop running Windows XP. Hardware resources shouldn't be a
problem. Document is on a network share. User claims he hasn't had this
issue before, i.e.-new issue. User inserts a couple rows into an existing
..xlsx document. Then copies a formula down through the first column of the
inserted rows. This is accomplished by hovering over the corner of an
existing cell with a formula applied and dragging down. As soon as you drag
it down the entire document freezes up. The only way to get rid of it is to
kill the process in task manager. It also looks like when it freezes it
opens up a blank Excel document, also "Not Responding", it looks like there
is another Excel instance on the taskbar. Any ideas?




Well, I'd be inclined to ask the following:

What add-ins (if any) are installed, and were any installed recently?

Were any MS patches or updates (Excel or overall) installed recently,
including background/automatic installs. If so, which ones?

Are there any macros in personal.xls that run automatically based on sheet
updates or other events (ignoring the macros that have to be triggered by a

Less likely an issue if a clean boot, clean load of Excel, and creation of a
new blank workbook causes it to hang, but specifically for the workbook that
stops responding when formulas are added- what is the formula, how many cells
is it being copied into, and how many other cells in that workbook have
formulas? XL07 is notorious for slow processing, and I have some workbooks
that took seconds in XL03 that can easily take 5-10 minutes in XL07 to do the
same thing... what is the longest the user has let it 'hang' before killing
the process through task manager?

Has the user done a reinstall/repair through the add/remove programs option
in control panel?

Just food for thought,

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