Excel: Expose whole window or at least top resize handles.



I have a window within Excel 2007 with the top of the window hidden behind
the toolbars at the top of Excel so I can't grab the minimize/maximize boxes
or the top of the window to make it vertically smaller. It seems like you
used to be able to right-click on a border and have the option to "move", but
that's not longer an option. How do I resize the window or move it to where I
can grab the top edge to make it smaller? (The bottom of the window is also
off-screen, but that wouldn't let me make the top resize edge visible either,
only the bottom and corners.) The problem is only for the windows within the
Excel application, not the Excel window.

Is there a command to "fit window within Excel work area" (not maximize
button)? Why not? Any macro?



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