Excel found unreadable content:



Using Excel 2007, I have a rather complex file which contains many named
references macros and calculations. This morning, I expanded the ranges
within the name manager to accept 4000 rows of input that I paste into one of
the worksheets. Everything was working perfectly, until I saved, closed then
re-opened the file. Now, I get the error message "Excel found unreadable
content". Thereafter I am forced to either close or accept changes which
wipe out all of my formatting on every sheet (20+). I found a reference
elsewhere related to the "Current Time Member" and Key Performance
Indicators, when using a pivot table. This file does not have a pivot table,
however. I'm not certain it's related, but I was also getting an error
message about too many formats as I pasted 3000+ rows and roughly 20 columns
(70,000 + cells). Any thoughts on this?
Thanks in advance




I get this all of the time...very frustrating indeed. In my case, I've
narrowed the cause dowen a bit. Steps are as follows:

1) create a query table (an XL 2007 table based on a query)
2) copy the sheet containing the table above to a new sheet
- right click -> move or copy -> copy
3) change query in new sheet. (should refresh to new data)
4) close WB and reopen
5) error appears upon reopen

Best part about this, its not consistently repeatable! Oh joy!!

If I copy a sheet containing a table (a query table) to a new sheet and then
change the query

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