Excel help needed: Skipping cell without skipping cell reference



I copied and pasted the formula from one cell on the another cell (wit
skipping another cell, meaning like I copied and pasted formula from AA
to AC1 for example). That formula is linked to a table containings cell
as well (let's say the table has A,B,C,D etc column). what i wanted t
happen was to copy and paste the formula to other cell (with a cel
being skipped) without the cell reference embedded on the formula t
change by one cell only (not two simply because i skipped one cell t
move the formula to the next cell).

Please see attachment.

Thank yo

|Filename: Untitled.jpg
|Download: http://www.excelbanter.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=790




Your project would be way much easier to manage and work with if you
get into the habit of using local scope defined names for ranges. You
already have done the ground work for setting this up to use the
numeric value above the data. The numbering coincides with the table at
the top of the sheet. Using defined names will allow you to enter the
same formula for all numbered columns, but it will auto-adjust to ref
the appropriate value in your table. This approach would use the
numbers as an "index" to which column of the table to pull values from.

If something of this nature is beyond your level of skill then attach
your file so someone can perhaps do this for you. If your reader won't
allow attachments then upload the file to a webshare and post a link.


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