Excel not responding



Hello, I'm try to start Excel 2000 but at a moment the
program starts it the system is freeze and then show me
this message "The system is dangerously low in resources,
would you like to terminate the following application?"
Excel (Not responding)

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Jan Karel Pieterse

Hi Pdeltoro,
Hello, I'm try to start Excel 2000 but at a moment the
program starts it the system is freeze
This is a default list of things-to-do when Excel exhibits startup

Try opening Excel without any addins or hidden workbooks:

Start, Run,
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Excel.exe" /Automation

Quotes mandatory, Note you may have to change the path.

If your error disappears, there is either an add-in or a (hidden)
workbook that is loaded upon XL's start, which bothers you.

- Try locating the XLSTART directory, move everything from there.
- In XL: Tools, Addins, note the ones checked and uncheck them one at
the time, each time restarting XL
- In XL, Tools, options, general. Check if a path is entered after
"Alternate startup file location". Clear it.

Another option is to open XL in Safe mode:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Excel.exe" /Safe

Also, you might try:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Excel.exe" /Regserver

Yet another possible problem is a corruption of your toolbar
customisation file. Locate all files with extension .xlb and rename the
extension(s) to something like .old
Now try and start XL again.

Also, NAV has shown to cause "Excel caused an invalid page
fault in module VBE6.DLL".
You might try disabling the Office plug in of NAV.

Other causes may be a full TEMP folder:

In Windows 95/98 and ME

Delete all files in C:\Windows\Temp

In Windows NT/2000/XP

Find and Select C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\local settings\temp
and delete all files in there.

They are often left behind by installing programs but Excel needs the

This is what MS has to say about startup problems:


And this about startup switches:



Jan Karel Pieterse
Excel MVP

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