Excel Not Responding



I've been having problems lately with a variety of
spreadsheets when I go to save my work (this happens
regardless of whether I have 'autosave' on or not).

Basically, the application just stops responding.
The 'Saving filename.xls' dialouge box will open in the
bottom left corner, but that's it. Small spreadsheet,
large spreadsheet, doesn't matter, they all freeze up.

Ran Norton and AVG, so viri on workstation of network
drives. Workstation Hard drive and network drives have
plenty of space. OS is XP, memory is 768M, Processor is P4

Here's the kicker - it only does it if I have other
applications running (Outlook, word, etc.)

Any hints?



mark E. Philpot

It is a common problem that has either many solutions or

Close all other applications when running excel.

Disable Findfast.exe (in Control Panel) as this indexes
your hdd files constantly and may be interferring with
your files.

When was the last time you defragged or ran a full
thorough Scandisk?

If you open other workbooks located in a different folder,
this sometimes interferes with the original as it can no
longer find its source file.

There are many more solutions I cannot tell them all.

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