Excel type spread sheet for recurring monthly items


John Fuller

Hopefully I can explain this properly.

I have a couple tables:

- ItemID (AutoNumber)
- VendorID (Number)
- ItemDesc (Text)

- ItemTrasactionID (AutoNumber)
- ItemPayDate (Date/Time)
- ItemDueDate (Date/Time)
- ItemID (Number) - matches ItemID field from tbl_items
- ItemAmount

What occurs is that each month all of the items in Tbl_Items must be
Paid. Once paid, an entry into tbl_ItemsPaid would be generated. Only
one entry per month per item in tbl_Items would occur.

How I want to set it up is to have a Form that on the top the month/
year can be selected. This would then show below a small (I'm
thinking) subform that in the first two column would show all the
vendorID/ItemDesc from tbl_Item. It would then poplulate in the
following columns the ItemPayDate, ItemDueDate, and ItemAmount from
the tbl_ItemsPaid where the ItemDueDate falls within the given month
selected. For those items in tbl_Items where there is no record in
tbl_ItemsPaid for the given month there would just be blanks. The
blanks could then be filled in as the Items paid and items that
already exist could be edited as needed.

I'm not necessarily looking for the full solution to this but if
someone could point me in the right direction of how to get started on
something like this I would appreciate it.




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