Excel X Cant open files that were emailed



Hi there,

Ok, frustration here is at peak levels, so please please help....

I have OS X 10.2.6 running, everything is updated, including the
Office X (both updates). The issue I have is rather straighforward -
Excel files which are received using Mail (Apple) are un-openable.
When I click on the Attachment in Mail Excel does launch, but that it
gives me a "file not found" error. When I try to open the file from
within Excel - I get an out of memory error. The files are small, and
originate either from another mac (Excel 2001) or from PC's.

Initially I thought that the problems was due to a File System problem
with OS X, so I went and bought Disk Warrior, ran the app, and then
expected the problem to go away - IT DID NOT.

Anyone help ? Please ? If possible, please email me directly as well.


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