[Excell 2011 Mac] Pb renaming worsheets




I have a problem _re_naming worksheets where Excel refuses the new
name because I can't use */ and other characters. The thing is none of
them are used. Even selectying the old name and typing "qwerty" is

Classical example: worksheet named "2013", I duplicate it and it's
name is "2013 (2)". I try to rename it to "2014" and I can't because I
use one of those elegal characters !

Thanks in advance for your help and ideas

Mac OS X 10.9.1
Office 2011 14.3.9 (French version)

P.S. if you can help me with that I'll come up with my pb with
everytime I have an alert "xxxxxxxx has to be between 1 and 409" and it
has nothing to do with what I'm trying to change.


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