exe that opens an app that talks to an MDE -- security question


Mark VII

Hello everyone --

I've inherited an interesting mess. We have multiple apps where you start
the app by running an EXE, the data is in MDE files, and Access security is
enabled. The person who established this is long gone, and any source or
development notes are also long gone. Apps are breaking, and we're trying to
straighten out the mess. I need to at least recover the data so we can build
new supportable apps.

I'm an Access geek, and have created a few secured Access apps along the
way, so I understand the general landscape, but this environment is throwing
me some curve balls.

As best I can determine, the app creator used Developer Extensions or Visual
Studio to create the install packages for the apps. (To add to the fun, this
is Access 97.)

I have found ways to recover the tables from an MDE, but need an id with
admin rights and password to read the MDE file with the data.

I have also found ways to recover id's from MDW files, but here's the catch
-- none of the MDWs (there are many) on the machine contain the right id.

I'm left wondering how a compiled app that uses the Jet database engine is
structured. Could the workgroup definition info be hiding in the EXE that
starts the app?

Would appreciate any insights.



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