Export from MS Access 2007 to Quickbooks IIF - How can I create a tabdelimited text file from Access



I am trying to generate an IIF file of data from my MS Access 2007 db
that can be imported by Quickbooks for adding, customers, vendors,
items, and purchase orders, sales invoices, ...

I create a table in MS Access 2007 with rows and columns corresponding
to the IIF formats. I have exported the file as an Excel workbook,
then opened the file in Excel and saved it as a Tab delimited text
file with an IIF extension. I am then able to import the file to
Quickbooks. So the data content is okay.

I would like to avoid the middle step of exporting as an excel file
and instead export from Access 2007 as a tab delimited text file that
can be imported directly into quickbooks.

I tried the following in a macro but do not get an output file
generated. (?Maybe Access 2007 does not support dbase export

SelectObject (Parameters: Query, QB-IIF, Yes)
RunCommand ExportdBase

Also tried the saved export feature, but DBase format not among the
choices. Same problem for TransferSpreadsheet. Am I stuck with the
extra user step of converting from excel format to tab delimited


I'm very interested in knowing how you are doing on this project. We are
going to
QB ent for the new year and am looking at getting our history transfered
into it.
We bought transaction pro to help but I'm getting errors with that.

I use access 2003 and do see a save as option for .txt file export.



I still have not figured out how to export a table from Access 2007 as
a tab limited text file, but other than that the export and conversion
work fine. You would need to go to quickbooks help and download their
sample IIF files to see the format they require: A product header,
transaction/item header, then the data for that transaction/item.

Steve K

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