Extra blank line on report


Bob Howard

Access 2003...

I have a report with a group header and detail lines.

The group header has a fixed size, and set to neither grow nor shrink. The
bottom-most control in the group header is a horizontal line (to set it
apart from the details that follow).

The detail contains one row of controls, but one of these is set so it can
grow (in case the text doesn't fit on the single line). The detail section
itself is set to shrink, but NOT to grow. Some of the controls have "Hide
Duplicates" set to yes ... but I don't see what this has to do with the

Here's what happens: Between the group header and the first detail line, I
always get what appears to be a single blank line. This appears immediately
following the header's horizontal line and the first line of the detail
section. There's only one blank line ... not one before each detail line.

And this occurs for EVERY group header (and its details) in the entire

I've checked the sizes and other attributes of the controls, etc., and can
find nothing wrong!

Any clues??


Bob Howard

SOLVED! This is one "for the books"!

The group header (where grow and shrink are both set to "No" at the group
level) contains a text box where I sometimes insert a comment. The text box
was set to shrink ... but not to grow. This should not affect the
formatting of the header (since it can't grow or shrink).

When that text box contains a comment that FILLS THE BOX TO THE BOTTOM, then
the problem of the blank line occurs. But when the text box does not
contain anything, or its text does not fill it all the way to the bottom,
then that text box shrinks.

And somehow that caused the entire header section to grow! Perhaps this is
because I set the fontsize for that text box in the VBA code.

But this should not cause the SECTION to grow ... ever! It is set to
neither grow nor shrink.

It's fixed, but I would say this is an error in Access 2003.


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