File Crashed, DB info lost, Recovery?




Michel LAPLANE \(MVP\)

try to save as XML and to reopen.
When an XML visio file (vdx) is reopened, Visio test for consistentobject
and ignore all incorrect object. Thus you drawing will be clean.
Hope this can help.
Enjoy with visio.

Bad Leo


I tried this, and I look into the xml code, I believe my DB info still in
the file, in the encrypted section(because I compared with my earlier
version file which not crashed), but the problem is they just not load....

would the file saved with a wrong key of those data?
how can I do.....>_<

Thanks a lot!




Barb Way

Do you see the Database menu in Visio when you re-open the drawing? It's
possible that the file contents are present, but the solution is not

Open your existing (broken) drawing in Visio, and also launch a new Visio
database model. Try copying one or two of your DB entities from the source
drawing into the target model drawing, and see if they are added to the
Tables and Views list. If they are, then you might be able to recover the
db model by copying all of the objects (to keep the relationships) at once
into the new drawing.

Note: On paste, the new objects may be renamed as "xxxx1" instead of
"xxxx". This is normal, caused by the copy command, and a simple rename of
each object should get back to where you need to be.

Barb Way
Product Support - Visio
Microsoft Corporation
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