file i-r.htm rehabilitation

Jan 21, 2017
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23 January 2017 Camp Fannin Roll of Honor <>
File i-r.htm rehabilitation

Camp Fannin Roll of Honor memorializes men who trained at Camp Fannin, Texas 1943-46 and died in uniform during WWII. You can access the website at <>. Our heroes are profiled alphabetically in three files: a-h.htm, i-r.htm, and s-z.htm.

My local html editor is FrontPage 2003, used on an XP operating system. Though both have long-since become outdated, the combination has served me well for many years and I have no wish to switch to a newer editor or OS, since I am on the verge of permanently inactivating the website. It will, however, be archived in Wikipedia and perhaps elsewhere, and I want it to be in pristine shape in its final form.

Right now, it is in less than pristine shape, the major problem being that File i-r.htm displays incorrectly and I cannot correct the content. My supposition is that i-r.htm inadvertently was converted from its original .html file to an .xml file, since graphics are now uncontrollable.

Will somebody please check this out for me and tell me how I can overcome this problem? I will be happy to give you access to my local HTML editor, FrontPage 2003, if you wish.

Elmer Horne
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