File Not Found Error


dark soul

Hopefully someone can help me. I have a client who has encountered a strange
error in Outlook 2007. When he decided to remove his msn mail accounts from
outlook I believe he deleted the .pst files but not the accounts in Outlook
which I think has caused the error, because the accounts are still listed in
Outlook and every time Outlook starts it creates a file not found error for
each file apart from the one active e-mail account. When trying to remove
the accounts from inside outlook it creates the same error, and an attempt
to dupe the program with a fake .pst file has no effect. So far I have not
found any registry entries which point to these files so am unsure how to
continue other than backing up his one active .pst file un-installing
Outlook and re-installing, but I am suspicious as to whether or not the one
..pst will contain so sort of eference to the error files.

Any help greatly appreciated.


DarkSoul Technology


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