Find potential match, copy to list



Hello all -- I'm looking for help with a macro that does the
1) Searches the active document for a specified pre-defined word
("word 1")
2) If found, places the word on a list (either in a separate document,
on the clipboard, in a pop-up window -- it doesn't really matter
where, as long as it can be visible/read)
Note: Only one occurence of each word needs to be listed. If there
are multiple matches, only the first one needs to be noted.
3) Searches for another word ("word 2")
4) If found, adds the word to the list created in step 2
5) Repeats the process for additional pre-defined words ("word 3"
through "word 50", for example).

I don't want to actually change anything in the original document,
just identify potential matches on one composite list, which then can
be analyzed further.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated -- THANKS!


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