Flagging dates with conditional formatting


Cinder the Dog

I am trying to set up conditional formatting so that it flags me when it is
within 3 months & 1 month of a date. For example, I have a list of the dates
each of my staffs' CPR certifications are to expire. If it expires on
10/1/09, I would like the cell to turn yellow on 7/1/09, and red on 9/1/09.
The expiration date will be different for each staff member in each row.


Cinder the Dog

As I kept searching through all the info on this site, I came across this
answer which worked:

Try the triplets below as the CF "Formula Is" for Conditions 1 to 3
Select col B (with B1 active), then apply the CF:
Format each to taste
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Frecks1983 said:
If i have a date in column A and have a formula that calculates 90 days from
that date to Column B and I want to add conditional formatting to Column B
that flags 120, 90, and 60 days from the column B date how would I go about
doing that?

Mike H


Fir the 3 month (Yellow) fkag use this CF


and for the red 1 change -3 to -1 and add a second cf


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