Formal VBA Training?



I have been "Programming" MS Access for a good number of years now and have
certainly learnt an awfull lot from these Groups. A Huge THANK YOU goes out
to all those who offer their help to us novices. Especially the MVPs.
However! Never having been formally trained to use VBA, I would like some
opinions on where I can get some good online training. Let me also say that
reading a page or two of programming books puts me to sleep. I am more prone
to watching video training. Just a problem I have with reading that bores the
*&%# out of me. I came across this web site that offers Microsoft Visual
Basic for Access Tutorial Videos From APEX.
The deal seems rather reasonable. A set of CDs for a hundred bucks. Seems
like a fair offer. Does anyone have any experience with this group or any
other Training providers? Thanks very much your input/comments!



Jeff Boyce

One option might be to check with your local Community College. They often
offer day and/or extention classes on technical themes.


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Office/Access MVP

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