Formula to fill one cell from another



I have a table of data based upon the 12 months of the year, one month per
column. Other data is added to the spreadsheet with associated month
numbers: e.g., 124 for 1 (January), 34.5 for 4 (April), etc. This other data
comes in sequentially; i.e., if there are only 3 months of data, they will
come in three adjacent cells. I need to ensure this other data is placed in
the correcy month within the table; e.g., 124 for 1 is put into the table's
January column; 34.5 for 4 is put into the table's April column; etc.

I seem to remember, a while back, there was a function(?) that enabled
filling a cell from another cell location; e.g., fill cell D6 from a formula
in cell A20, not having cell D6 reference another cell but being filled from
elsewhere. Any help appreciated.


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