fp closes my form tag automatically




I am using FP 2002. I created a site that uses forms to add items to a
shopping cart. Fp keeps adding a </form> tag right after my opening form
tag. I remove the tag and save the page and it just keeps adding it back.
Any help is appreciated.


Trevor Lawrence

I think the best idea is to let it insert </form>, then backspace over it
and put the form details between <form> and </form>


Hi Trevor,

I do that and FP puts in a new </form> tag right after the opening form tag.
I have tried clearing the cache, removing add-ins and detect and repair, all
to no avail. Fp is now destroying pages I have created that contain forms,
simply by saving them. Has anyone had this problem?


FrontPage will only do that if the HTML following the opening <form> tag is
so bad FP cannot find the closing </form> tag.

An example of bad HTML where this will happen is:

<!-- form elements-->

Notice the table is closed before the form is closed - FP will close the
form immediately after the <<form> tag to keep the HTML sensible.

The answer top your problem is (probably) to check that your tags are
properly nested. This includes any tags that may be written in script
(asp, PHP, etc.)

A link to the page may help us solve the issue.


Additionally, when checking for nesting, bear in mind that FP does not read
script, so a tag opened in HTML and closed in script will count as a tag
that is NOT closed. Tags opened in HTML must be closed in HTML, tags opened
in script must be closed in script. And all tags, whether HTML, scripted,
or combined, must be properly nested.

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