Free Live Webcast on Visio and Quality Mangagement [Tuesday December 20th ]

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Ken Hoffman \(Volt/Microsoft\)

Quality Management Through Process Excellence
Tuesday, December 20th, 9 am PST

Register at:

Experts say 95% of cycle time in a non-optimized manufacturing or service
environment is consisted of non-value added activities. Process Excellence
techniques such as Lean and Six Sigma help reduce lead time, improve quality
and productivity by:

* eliminating wastes in the system, and enhance product and process quality
* and decreased process variation leading to improved business performance.

Both presenters at the December webcast utilize Visio in their solutions to
help customers improve processes within their organizations

GumshoeKI (

eVSM by GumshoeKI is used by over 3000 customers in Manufacturing, Service
and Healthcare industries to help implement Lean processes. Visio is a key
part of this Value Stream Mapping solution.

TC Group (

TC Group develops powerful solutions for analyzing processes and identifying
risks. This expertise is being applied to Six Sigma process management for
customers allowing them to increase effectiveness and lower costs.


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