"Freeze Panes" option in PWA !!!???




Pls help me in finding this "Freeze Panes" option for "My Tasks" view on PWA
as my resources are having lots n lots of problem moving up n down to see the
date on which they are logging in their manhours.

Appreciate your help...




Marc Soester [MVP]

Hi Trivicram,

Well I agree it would be nice to have a freeze panes in the my task, but
unfortunalty that is not the case :( sorry to say




Not quite what you asked for, but after the infrastructure update, when you
click on a cell in the time-phased time-logging view in my tasks, the status
indicator below the tasks control shows the header data on it. E.G "Task:
Project management, Heading: 30.1" when the cell on Jan.30th (Germanic
calendar ;)) is activated for the Project management task.

The IU also added a black bar to indicate the current date to the control
and fixed the control so that it always shows the current week from start to
finish instead of having the current date in the middle and showing +- 3 days
on either side. Hours should be logged daily anyway, so the infrastructure
udpate really made the control much more usable. Except that it broke the
vertical scaling.

Hope that helps,
- Jussi

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