Fuel Tank Tilt vloume from fuel point in Gallons

Discussion in 'Excel Charting' started by Harlemshake, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Harlemshake

    Harlemshake Guest

    I'm having trouble creating a formula to tell me an accurate tank volum
    in a tank when it is tilted.

    I know the following:

    Step 1: Tank Capacity

    Tank Diameter:96 inch
    Tank Length: 256 inch

    So total capacity is : 8021.59 Gallons

    Formula {=(("Diameter"/2)*("Diameter"/2)*PI()*"Tank Length")/231]

    Step 2: Tank Volume measurement using a dipstick

    Striker plate: .25 inch
    Stick Reading:78.75 inch

    Volume in Tank:3,854.11 Gallons

    Formula [="Tank Length"*((("Diameter"/2)^2*(ACOS((("Diameter"/2)-("Stic
    Reading"+"Striker plate"))-("Stick Reading"+"Strike

    Step 3: Tank Tilt

    Fill point 1: 78.75 inch
    Fill point 2: 75 inch
    Distance between to two fill point: 198 inch
    Difference is: 78.75(in)-75(in) = 3.75(in)
    The ratio is: 256(in)/ 198(in) = 1.29(in)

    So the tank tilt is: 1.29(in) * 3.75(in) = 4.85(in)

    So I know the Tank Tilt, but what formula should I use to find out ho
    much volume is in the tank when measuring from fill point 1 only. I'
    sure it is more than the 3,854.11 Gallons from step 2
    Harlemshake, Feb 22, 2013
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  2. Harlemshake

    MrTallyman Guest

    In a perfectly round cylinder, the vertical fill level remains in place
    as the tank is tilted, and only the end points rise and fall against the
    tank walls.

    Without considering meniscus offset from surface tension, that fill
    level point will always be the halfway point between the two crests in
    the ellipsoid created by the tipping.

    So, if you have one dimension, you have the other, and you can find the
    actual fill level dimension at the center between those two points. That
    center from the bottom of the cylinder is the fill measure.
    MrTallyman, Feb 23, 2013
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  3. Harlemshake

    Harlemshake Guest

    Thanks for the help but I was able to build the spread sheet with th
    formula from this link http://planetcalc.com/1442/

    Thanks again
    Harlemshake, Feb 28, 2013
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