GAL '&H' codes



Hi All,
I'm working with Excel2007 vba and I have a function, that I got from
some forum(don't remember but thanks to who wrote it) that will list
values from OutLooks GAL. It also included this list of references
that can be used but I don't think this is a full list of all the
different values in the GAL.

1. Does anybody have a full list of the GAL that they would share/
2. Is there an &H value in the GAL that indicates the entry is a
distribution list?

'&H3001001E Display (name)
'&H3A00001E Alias
'&H3A0F001E Exchange server alias *
'&H3A06001E First (name)
'&H3A0A001E Initials
'&H3A11001E Last (name)
'&H3A29001E Address
'&H3A17001E Title
'&H3A16001E Company
'&H3A27001E City
'&H3A18001E Department
'&H3A28001E State
'&H3A19001E Office
'&H3A2A001E Zip code
'&H3A30001E Assistant
'&H3A26001E Country
'&H3A08001E Phone
'&H3A1B001E Business 2
'&H3A23001E Fax
'&H3A2E001E Assistant
'&H3A09001E Home
'&H3A2F001E Home 2
'&H3A1C001E Mobile
'&H3A21001E Pager
'&H3004001E Notes
'&H39FE001E SMTP e-mail address

This is a snippet of how I'm using the above &H values
Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(I, 2) =
Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(I, 3) =



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