Generating a database from Visio Modeler 3.1 to Access



I am working with Visio Modeler 3.1 generating a database. My OR model
appears to be OK, and I’m successful building the dictionary.
However, I have been unsuccessful when trying to generate a physical
database schema, I cannot open the database in Microsoft Access 2000. There
is message telling me that Microsoft Access cannot find such a file. I also
tried to generate a DLL script and running it, but I got the following:
Warning! Target DBMS does not have object-relational aggregate support. No
aggregates will be generated or updated.
-- Make sure you have the right DBMS or preferred version selected properly
in the driver setup dialog box.
What I need to do to fix this problem.
As you may guess, I am novice designing databases. So I would appreciate
precise and clear directions.



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