getting logo in drawings


Tina Charlotte

Thanks for checking in. Im having a problem with getting my firms logo on to
the drawings/slides. I have a danish version of visio, so Im not 100% sure if
the translation of the "visio-words" are correct. I have tried to put our
logo on one slide and then in "page-setup" choosing "background". But the
background-sheet is always visible and therefore posible to change.Is there
some way I can hide the background-sheet? And how do I save the file so it
automaticly chooses this "master-file" everytime I choose "new" file??? I've
also been experimenting with layers but still without any luck



John Marshall, MVP

To be able to work on them, background pages are visible, but when it comes
time to print the background page will only print if it is attached to a
foreground page.

So you should be able to place the logo on a background page and then attach
the background page to each foreground page you would like to have the logo
appear on.

If you save the drawing as a template, you can create new drawings based on
the template.

John... Visio MVP

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