Give user option to delete certain Tables with specific words in column

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David Schenkler

I have a template that takes data from another tool and merges it into my template, creating a documented report. The template is small and has keywords inserting data into the located keywords. In my template there are many sections and one (two) of those sections have a 2x2 table for tracing. It looks something like this in the template:
|Traces To: | <<code>> |
|Traces From:| <<code>> |

When the report is complete, and my macros is run, this box is either filled or half-filled or not filled, and is found in multiple locations in the document.

I want to give the user a choice of whether he/she would want this table ornot throughout the document. Something like a message box asking if the user would like to have the table in the report or not.

Is there a Macros code to ask the user if he/she wants the table, and if noto delete all of these tables?

Thank you so much in advance!
David Schenkler

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