Gouping In Sub Reports Leaving Windowed Headings


Stewart Berman

Access 2007

I have a report with seven sub reports within the detail section of the main
report. Non of the sub reports is inside another sub report.

The main report has report headers and footers turned off.

The main report has a page header and a page footer.

Each sub report has its headers and footers (report and page) turned off.

Each sub report starts with a group heading which has been set to keep
headings and the first detail record together. Its Keep Together and Repeat
Sections properties have been set to yes.

Each group heading contains a banner label and column labels. Each detail
section contains text boxes bound to fields in the data source for the sub

Unfortunately, if there is enough room for the heading section of any of the
sub reports at the bottom of a page but not enough room for the first detail
record Access still prints the group heading contents without the first data
detail record.

Am I missing something here or is this a known bug?

Allen Browne

Stewart, this is untested, but see how you go.

1. Open the main report in design view.

2. Increase the Height of the subform control, is it has enough height to
match both the group header and one detail section.

3. Set the subreport's Can Shrink property to No.

That should stop the main report from fitting the subreport onto the page
unless there's at least enough room for one detail line.

Stewart Berman

Man does it feel good to stop beating my head against a wall.

It worked like a charm.


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