Graphing in EXCEL



I have a question to do with graphs. For example here is my data

1 apple
1 banana
1 grape
2 orange
2 grape
3 banana

and I want EXCEL to graph it exactly this way (See below) (with the data
labels included) (sort of like a scatterplot but not quite)

X orange
X apple
X banana Xbanana
X grape Xgrape
1 2 3

How do I do this? Please please answer my question. Thanks a lot in advance!
If I cant do this in excel, is there anything else you recommend or an addin
which is available online.

Thanks so much




Bernie Deitrick


We'll try to get you un-confused ;-)

First, you need to download Rob Bovey's Cahrt Labeler add-in, found at:

Then, you need to make a table like

X Value Y Value Label
1 3 Apple
1 2 Banana
1 1 Grape
2 4 Orange
2 1 Grape
3 2 Banana

Then select the first two columns, and insert an XY chart, and then set the line to None and your
markers to whatever you want. (Right click on the line and choose "Format Data Series....")

Then when that is done, use Tools / XY Chart Labels and then Add Chart Labels, and selec the
label column cells through the dialog.

MS Excel MVP