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Discussion in 'Groove' started by SVN, Jul 19, 2011.

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    Jul 19, 2011
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    I saw that we can save a Groove Issue as hyperlink. Looks like:


    I used this in the SVN "bugtraq:url" option, so when looking at the SVN log, clicking on the link, Groove opens to that Issue.

    But when we do a SVN Check-In we can only enter one string. This hints me to two options:
    1) We generate our own Issues "Item ID" (our internal variable ID).
    -> Can I create a hyperlink that will open Groove with the result of a search on that ID? This would effectively show the Issue (or all issues with that ID) that could then be opened.

    2) If that option fails. How can I easily create such a hyperlink that would easily open the issue? I can only enter one string in SVN, so for example if I need the "RecordID" where can the developpers find it to enter it in Groove?

    As a sub-question to 2) anyone knows the details of the hyperlink string?
    ? groove://gx8f63r8888888888nhdn3ngbkbjuyhym64xt5a/
    ? ToolContainer/5tv2r9888888n/
    ? FormsUIDelegate?RecordID=0.0015410000000005794


    SVN, Jul 19, 2011
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