Grouped Dynamic Connectors in Visio 2007


David Caldine

Grouped dynamic connectors in Visio 2007 don't behave as they do in Visio 2003.

Add a simple rectangle and a dynamic connector to a drawing page. Glue one end of the connector to a shape handle on the rectangle. Now group the two shapes together. Add another rectangle to the drawing and glue the free end of the connector to it.

Part of the connector becomes invisible. Try to fix it by moving a segment or endpoint with the mouse. More segments get formed in the geometry section. The more you try to fix it, the more segments, vertices, and rounded sections appear. It becomes a chaotic mess all over the drawing.

Save the drawing and reopen it in Visio 2003. Now you can manipulate the connector easily, so it has only the segments that you want. What changed between Visio 2003 and 2007?

I have created cable shape with 8 25-pin connectors on on end and one 68-pin connector on the other. So I need to group eight dynamic connectors to the rectangle representing the big connector. I use this shape on about 50 drawings showing Cisco routers connected to hubs and other equipment. It worked well with 2003, but is a big problem with 2007.


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