Grow/Shrink Text gradually from slide to slide

Aug 18, 2020
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I have a 4 line poem the text of which I'd like to grow smoothly over 16 slides.
There are 16 word cues that will be locked with a music track eventually in ScreenFlow.
I have each of the 16 word cues in separate text boxes, 4 boxes per line.
So, slide 1 has word cue 1 @ 12 points, slide 2 has word cues 1 + 2 @ 14points, slide 3 has cues 1, 2 + 3 @ 16 points etc,
until slide 16 has all 4 lines grown to size 40.
Each word cue flies in from the left, word by word.
This kinda works as it is but the 2 point text increase looks a bit jumpy.
I just started messing with grow/shrink the first time but I've kinda hit a wall with it.
Is there a better way to fly in these 16 word cues (which can have more than one word) that will give me a smooth gradual enlarging of the text over the 16 slides?
Thanks in advance for any ideas.


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