Handling events of the monthcalendar in calendar folder

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Likhan Siddiquee via OfficeKB.com

I need to develop a com add-in for outlook which will set the taskpad
filter property to "on or before" of the selected day of the month control.
How can i get the selected date value of the month calendar. I am handling
the event through selectitem event is there any other way to handle only
that specific event.
I also need to customize the context menu of the taskpad. How to do it?
Also I need to check whether the current view has taskpad visible.
currently i am doing it by seeing the View::XML property if there is a
column named taskpad there. In the xmp schema it has been said that there
will be a node named <taskpad> under <view> which will define if taskpad is
visible but in my outlook there is no node so i check with the column name.
Please anyone help me with this problem as soon as possible. and also
please send your reply to p_persia[AT]yahoo.com


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