having trouble uploading a new website to an existing one



I have created a website using Front Page and now I had made a new one in
Publisher. I can't uplaod my new website to the existing one. I am new to
publisher and can't figure this out. Can anyone help?




Did you read the last replies to your question?

First of all, unless you have a good reason to switch you would be advised
to stay with FrontPage to build your site.

If you must switch then do you have any forms on your site that are powered
by FrontPage Server Extensions? If so you will have to use HTTP uploading
protocol. If not then it would be easiest to use FTP uploading and as Spike
suggested downloading, installing and using FileZilla would be your best

It is hard to give you specific advice without knowing what version of
Publisher, what operating system and specifically what problems you are
having. You may need to delete your old web files...post back with details
and answers and perhaps we can offer more specific answers.

Reference: Prepare, publish, and maintain your Publisher Web site:


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