Headings and Appendices in Word 2007



I am trying to create two sets of headings (word 2007) - one for chapters, to
be numbered "1", "2", "3" etc., with sub-chapters "1.1", "1.1.1", "2.1",
etc., and one for appendixes, to be numbered "Appendix A", "A.1", "A.2",
"A.3.1", etc. Appendix A should have the same format as heading 1 font-wise,
and Appendix 2 should have the same format as Heading 2.
I also want the Table of Contents (TOC) to include the first 3 levels of
each of these headings (up to 3.1.5 and to A.5.3). My problem is this: If I
create a multi-level list and give it a style name, I can decide whether it
will be in the TOC or not, but I can't decide the number of levels (either
all levels are in the TOC or none are). If I try to copy "Heading 1" to
"Appendix 1" etc., then "Appendix 2" follows the numbering of chapters and
not of appendices.
In both cases, I fail to create the effect that I want. Has anyone tackled
this sort of problem before?
Thank you


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