HELP! potx template doesn't retain formatting once saved?

Nov 12, 2013
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I'm creating a powerpoint template, using multiple master slides and saving as a .potx file (powerpoint 2011 template file).

When the template file is open, everything works fine, placeholders allow for editing etc.
Once the presentation is saved as a .pptx file (powerpoint 2011) and reopened, all the placeholders have jumped to the top of the screen.
This is resolved by selecting the correct master slide in the layout selection.

Another solution is to save the template as a .pot file (powerpoint 97-2004 template file), and then once the content has been dropped in, saving the presentation as a .ppt file (powerpoint 97-2004). This retains all the formatting as the presentation works perfectly.

As these powerpoint templates are being set up for external use, I don't want to supply instructions to down-save the presentation for this to work - is there a simple solution when creating a .potx template that will get this to work?

Any help greatly appreciated!



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