HELP! program converter does not work



I have been using the converter without any problems for docx. to .doc
conversion - it worked great! It has stopped working - no changes to my
system to explain this. I am using MS Office SP3. Every day I convert
documents from Outlook Express 6. It now opens Word, the "Convert File"
dialogue box appears, I choose "Word 2007 Document" it says "word is
converting ...", and then ..."MSWord: There was an error opening the file" -
every time. Don't know where to look to fix this. Not exactly helpful. Went
to Add/Remove Programs, chose "repair". Rebooted computer. Opened msg in
mail again and got same error msg. Uninstalled Converter program. Installed
again from Microsoft site. Same problem. I am required to open many
documents from our mail each day and many are .docx. Can
someone make a suggestion or suggest another converter that will work? The
documents are resumes.

Thanks anyone very much in advance for help




In our organisation we had been using the older version of the converters in
XPsp3+Office2003 environment. We just updated the converter pack with the
latest. We are, however still experiensing problems. While word (docx) and
excel (xlsx) documents open (convert) on the fly from for instance Outlook
all powerpoint (pptx) requires a separate save.

It also seems that the associations are no longer correct, so for some users
the converter works automatically and for others one needs to make the file
asssociation separately. We probably need to change something in the GP
distribution, but so far we have no clue as to what.

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