Help with custom bullets


Tina Ricks

I'm trying to use the bullet feature to create two styles: Question
and Answer. This is a long document with "Q" and "A" dialog format,
and I don't want to re-type the Q and A at the beginning of each one.

I'd like to tag some paragraphs as "Question" and some as "Answer" and
have the style apply the formatting I want. My idea is to use
customized bullets, and substitute a Q and an A as the bullet

I've got it working, sort of.

(Right-click style name > Modify. In Modify Style box, select Format >
Numbering > Bullets, define Q and A as bullets).

The trouble is, Word interprets this as two different levels of
bullets in a list. It insists on indenting one of my two bullets 0.25
inches further over than the other. I want them both at the same

Thoughts? Should I attempt this some other way than bullets?


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