Help with Duplicate Output Alias Error 'Exp1'

Oct 25, 2016
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Hello, I am looking to get some help with this error on running a querry. I have deleted the duplicate Exp ad ensured that no alias is duplicated as well. I am not sure what I am missing.

Here is my SQL View.
SELECT [T Schools].School, [T DC].LastName, [T DC].FirstName, [T DC].MiddleName, [T DC].Gender, [T DC].SASID, [T DC].DOB, [T DC].[Grade level], [T DC].Homeroom, [T DC].Teacher, [T DC].Address, [T DC].[Parent/Guardian], [T DC].LivesWith, [T DC].EnrStatus, [T DC].[DOE 24 HomeLang], [T DC].[Ethnic Code], [T DC].ELLPStat, [T DC].[DOE 19 Low income status], [T DC].Free, [T DC].Reduced, [T DC].Paid, [T DC].[Monthly Payment], [T DC].[Amt Paid], [T DC].[Check # or Cash], [T DC].[School Code], [T DC].AM, [T DC].PM, [T DC].Fri, [T DC].[M/W], [T DC].[T/TH], [T DC].Transp, [T DC].Email, [T DC].[Phone 1 Name], [T DC].[Phone 1], [T DC].[Phone 1 HCW], [T DC].[Phone 2 Name], [T DC].[Phone 2], [T DC].[Phone 2 HCW], [T DC].[Phone 3 Name], [T DC].[Phone 3], [T DC].[Phone 4 Name], [T DC].[Phone 4], [T DC].[Alt P/U #1], [T DC].[P/U #1 Ph #1], [T DC].[P/U #1 Ph #2], [T DC].[Alt P/U #2], [T DC].[P/U #2 Ph #1], [T DC].[P/U #2 Ph #2], [T DC].Sibling, [T DC].[Media News], [T DC].[Media Web], [T DC].Allergies, [T DC].[Epipen?], [T DC].Medications, [T DC].[Give Meds], [T DC].[Medical Issues], [T DC].[S-Call Parents], [T DC].[Snow Notes], [T DC].[Tchr Recommend], [T DC].[Bus Stop], [T DC].[Bus Time], [T DC].[Transportation Notes], [T DC].[Middle ELL Tchr], [T DC].[Date Enrolled], [T DC].[Date Withdrawn], [T DC].[Reason for Withdrawal], [T DC].Notes, [LastName] & ", " & [FirstName] & " " & [MiddleName] AS lfm
FROM [T DC] INNER JOIN [T Schools] ON [T DC].[School Code] = [T Schools].[School Code]
WHERE ((([T Schools].School)="Whittier") AND (([T DC].EnrStatus)="Active"));



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