HELP with Looping Function



I need a .text function to loop through and import data from a text file
which is laid out as follows:
Col1="Time" Char Width 7
Col2="FV_Cor" Char Width 7
Col3="FV_Nom" char Width 7
Col4="ADD" char Width 4
Col5="ADD_Ca" char Width 6
Col6="DI" Char Width 3
Col7="E" char Width 2
Col8="Lot_Number" char Width 12
Col9="Mar" char Width 4
Col10="Tin" char Width 4
Col11="SKU_Code" char Width 11
Col12="D_A_B" Char Width 6
Col13="Pad_X" char Width 6
Col14="Pad_Y" char Width 6
Col15="Pad_Z" char Width 6
Col16="MI_Tr" char Width 6
Col17="Check" char Width 6
Col18="Check_V" char Width 3
Col19="Quali" char Width 6
Col20="Quali_V" char Width 2
Col21="GR" char Width 3
Col22="Radius_CC" char Width 9
Col23="Index" char Width 7
Col24="CenTh" char width 6
Col25="Clic" char width 5
Col26="Bnom" char width 5
Col27="Pa" char width 3
Col28="Dpt_Cal" char width 8
Col29="ProX" char width 5
Col30="ProY" char width 5
Col31="GriX" char width 5
Col32="GriY" char width 5
Col33="CliX" char width 5
Col34="CliY" char width 5
Col35="ErrPro" char width 6
Col36="Suivi" char width 6
Col37="T_Tot" char width 6
Col38="T_Man" char width 6
Col39="Resea" char width 6
Col40="T_L" char width 4
Col41="T_P" char width 4
Col42="T_O" char width 4
Col43="TPC" char width 4
Col44="TQC" char width 4
Col45="T_" char width 4
Col46="TXY" char width 4
Col47="TRO" char width 4
Col48="_" char width 4

If you can assist, it will be appreciated! This is an Schema.ini structure,
but, I'd like to change it into a looping function (placing data columns in
their respective places in the target table) since there may be multiple
files under various names that will need to be imported.


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