Help with using drop-down menus to limit choices when adding records or viewing queries


Mike H

Hello -

I have what I think is fairly simple task. I'll break it into two

The first task involves using a dropdown menu to chose a value. After
that, the user can choose one of 6 queries that pertain to that value.
(for example, say you had "Supplier" as the main value, and "Sales
Manager", "Customer Service", "President" for sub values on buttons
that take you to a query for each sub value).

I need to know how to tell Access to only look up a "Customer
Service", for example, that only pertains to the first value chosen.

Secondly, in a related task, I need to be able to add new records for
the sub values of any given value (say, a new "President" record for
"Supplier X") by filtering with a drop down for the main value, then a
second drop down for which sub value this new record is going into.

Finally, is there an easy way to prompt access to export everything
into an excel file (or at least csv / text delimited)?

You can view a screen shot of my general layout here. I sincerely
apprecate any and all help you can give me!


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