Hidden macro: already tried tools>options>view




I inherited this database (Access 2000). There is a form, which has a button.
"on-click" the button runs a macro. I have the name of the macro, because
in the design fiew of the form, once I select the button and look at the
properties, I can see an event launched "on-click."

But when I look for the macro - it's not in the macros objects tab.

I tried the following already:
1) Tool>options>view [tab] and I un-hid all the hidden objects.
2) Checked VB writer; there are no modules, procedures or any thing VB
3) There is no login to the database, so the administrator/user restrictions
method is out the door as well.

Is there any other way of hiding a macro? What other method could I be




Steve Schapel


What does it actually say in the On Click property of the command button?

What happens if you click the little ellipsis button [...] to the right of
the On Click property box?

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