Hide text in MSWord 2013 using macro

Dec 12, 2016
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Hey everyone,
I am wanting to make a word document for a friend of mine kind of a surprise gift to her. I was wanting to create a document that would hide the text until a certain date was true or if the correct password was entered. I was thinking I could use an ActiveX checkbox that when checked it would prompt her with a message saying "document section is visible at xx/xx/xxxx or type in password: "
I was planing on using a simple If then statement with the hideselection = true or false depending if the datevalue matched the date. However, I am very new to programming in VBA, so if anyone knows any information that would help me achieve this or the projects probability I would be very grateful.
Thanks and Happy Holidays!



Microsoft MVP
Mar 2, 2012
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You can't reliably hide text that way in Word. Simply formatting it has hidden doesn't mean the other person won't be able to see - or print (even without seeing) - the hidden text. That's because Word's hidden text display and print settings are controlled by the users Word configuration. For example, simply clicking on the ¶ symbol on the Ribbon's home tab will toggle hidden text display on/off. That said, there are ways to conditionally dislpay/print content. See, for example, Use Date (And/Or Time) Comparisons To Vary Text in my Microsoft Word Date Calculation Tutorial, at:
Do read the document's introductory material.

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