How do I create a sitemap index that google webcrawlers see?



There are several programs that will do this for you - though they all need either careful configuration or results tweaking.

On the Google webmaster tools there is a recomedation for a Python application. This requires careful configuration, and runs from the Command window.

I have also used Site Map Generator from

This is in Beta and you may need to prune the results.





Sitemap Generator is a free software that will help you to automatically
generate sitemaps in Google (XML) or yahoo (TXT) format or just to spider
your website and collect all the internal links for you. The tool may export
collected links to CSV or HTML file too. The main reason to build this tool
was that all other similar programs didn't fit my requirements.



Tina Clarke

The xml file?

if its just for google all you have to do is make an account

go to webmasters tools add your site
make a file on your site with the name they give you and upload it and in
webmater tools verify it

otherwise use
or one of these

to generate a xml file

For humans

make links to your pages using the h1 heading text which should be your page
title too.
make a title attribute
add a short description
make it a unordered list (bulleted)

hth Tina
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