How do I format the x axis on a "lines on 2 axes" chart?


Becky B

I am using a custom type chart called "lines on 2 axes" where there is one x
axis and two y axes. Is there any way to format the scaling on the x axis?
Specifically, I have time points on my x axis that are not evenly spaced as
far as time goes, but Excel plots these time points equal distances away,
regardless of how much time (hours) there are between time points. Any way
to fix this? Thanks



Jon Peltier

Don't use the built in custom chart types. If you have numerical X data,
make an XY chart. You can choose an option that shows lines connecting the
points. Double click one of the series, and on the Axis tab, select
Secondary. Voila! An XY chart on two axes, with an X axis you can actually

- Jon
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP
Peltier Technical Services - Tutorials and Custom Solutions -
2006 Excel User Conference, 19-21 April, Atlantic City, NJ

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