How do I get my text dotted ?? Like a join the dots for kids



Am trying to get some text so that it looks like join the dots.
Similar to the dotted effect the kids use to trace over so that the children
learn to write the character.

Am trying to use this effect to assist in teaching how to read and write
thai script. Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.



Suzanne S. Barnhill





A couple of methods you could try --

1. Start with the text entered normally, in color. Draw a circle (from the
Draw toolbar), fill it, and size it appropriately. Copy it and paste it
repeatedly. Position these circles over the original text where you think
the dots should be. Then delete the text.

2. Enter the text in black. Position white shapes and lines over the top to
obscure all but the dot bits. Probably less elegant but much quicker.

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