How do I prevent my Word doc from always opening in Design Mode?



I have a protected Word document on my website, including alternating
protected/unprotected sections to allow "filling in forms". For some reason,
this one document consistently opens in Design mode. I've gone into the Web
Tools toolbar and turned off Desgn Mode, and then protected and saved the
document, but it always opens in Design Mode. I have many such documents on
my web page, but this is the only document with which I have this problem.
If this were simply for my own use, it wouldn't be a problem, but I have
hundreds of users. I actually cannot tell whether my users all see the
document in Design Mode, or if it's simply on my indivudual workstation. In
any case, I can't see what each user sees, so I can't help them resolve
problems with filling in forms (check boxes; text boxes, etc.).


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